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Are you an in-house marketer feeling stuck because the marketing industry is moving faster than your firm? Are you lacking the freedom to test or implement what you learn through reading and professional development? Are you frustrated with the opportunities for growth available within your industry? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The Communiqueso Podcast seeks to inform, advise and inspire in-house marketers to challenge the status quo and create organizational change by sharing expertise and candid stories of success and failure. We bring you weekly marketing, communications, and career insight from professionals in the field who have leveraged their expertise and talent to create real change and advance the role of marketing within their organizations. These thought leaders and advocates have walked the walk, and now we’re inviting them to talk the talk. Grab a chip and dig in.
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Nov 9, 2015

Marketers have access to more data than ever before. And it's an extremely daunting task to look at all of that data and truly understand what it means and how it can influence strategic decisions. But it is also a great opportunity to showcase the impact and value of marketing. On this week's episode, we chat with Julie Huval, CPSM, of Beck Technology about how marketers can be using analytic data to influence strategic marketing decisions within their organizations.

Nov 5, 2015

On Monday's episode we spoke with Ida Cheinman, Partner at branding and communications firm Substance 151, about human to human (or H2H) marketing and the value of a likable brand. Today we're going to talk to Ida about her career path and how she's grown from a graphic designer to a well-respected leader in the professional services marketing and communications industry.

Nov 1, 2015

We've all heard the phrase, "It's not businesses doing business with other businesses, but rather people doing business with other people." In the professional services world, we're really starting to see this personal touch influence marketing and communications and believe it creates an enormous opportunity to update how your company is speaking to its customers.

On this week's episode, we chat with Ida Cheinman, Partner of Substance151, a Baltimore-based branding and communications firm, about human-to-human (or H2H) marketing and the value of a likable brand.

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